9 Types of Meditation


9 Types of Meditation- All types are important. Level of importance vary with the expectation of an individual, at a point being. While pure consciousness also meaning enlightenment, Salvation and Nirvana is a starting point for even higher goals, it is not most important type for worldly wise practical meditation aspirants.

With this in mind, without maintaining an order of least or highest importance or short or long term, I list the 9 steps of progress as types of meditation below-

  1. Sitting still in meditation is the most primary of the type, and yet it is the most important and the FIRST of the meditation. The progress of meditation is sequential, one moves up in steps beginning with the smallest step first. Capability to sit still for meditation- sitting on a level place in at least a cross-legged position, if not in Padmasana, is necessary.
  2. Ability to generate and store electromagnetic energy in the body from Chant Meditation, is the SECOND. Sitting on a non-conductive material, wooden platform covered with thick wool mat and taking care to prevent wastage of energy by seepage through accidental contact with body touch to wall, bare floor, another person and water. We avoid meditation immediately before and after taking bath/wash.
  3. Ability to choose a Short Mantra for Vocal Chant that is related to chosen God Deity or Guru is the THIRD. Repeated vocal mantra chant cycles through the body magnet and generates electric energy. Focus on the vocal mantra sound also prevents diversion of mind towards naturally incoming thoughts.
  4. Stopping the vocal chant and remaining sat in silent thoughtlessness and receive an experience of peace and happiness is the FOURTH. This experience intensifies with practice of deep dives in the ocean of silence. One also experiences high flying space travel in this stage.
  5. Shooting a silent prayer requesting guidance from the Mantra Deity or Guru while in silence meditation and receiving coded messages in picture form- also called ‘VISIONS’ is the FIFTH. It is an experience of concentration for paranormal guidance for practical solutions.
  6. Continuing meditation while withstanding the discomfort of surrounding disturbances of sound, dirt, sights, heat, cold, rain, temptations of senses-food, sex, sleep is the SIXTH. It has the effect of blurring out impressions of external sense reception and transmission organs and opening, in an equal measure of the corresponding internal senses of reception and transmission. This begins a collection of paranormal miracle powers of several Siddhis through surmounting the primal elements of nature.
  7. Gaining of Enlightenment is the SEVENTH. It opens up a HOTLINE with the origin of every knowledge, the core super soul of nature also called the Atom of the Universe that is the common singular core of every element of nature.
  8. Using the enlightenment first for oneself and then for others is the EIGHTH.  The process of meditation changes at this point of progress. One does not need formal meditation. One can get in and out of meditation Samadhi in minutes with a mental On/Off switch.
  9. Using the knowledge for enlightenment accumulated through personal enlightenment for guiding enlightenment of others is the NINTH and the last. This is- Kaivalya Dharmananda. The joy from the Karma of dispensing knowledge becomes Dharma of the Enlightened Yogi for the residual life.

Types No. 5 and 6 are intermediate level, 7 and 8 are advanced level and 9 to the last level. No.1,2,3 and 4 are at the preliminary level.


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Meditation Technique

All humans are born with the five reception organs of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. Each of the five human sensory organs have dual sensory reception capabilities. External and internal. External sensing abilities are enabled from birth by default. We can turn internal sensing abilities on and enable through meditation.

Meditation connects the internal reception and transmission of human sense with 5 primary elements of nature of earth, water, fire, air and space. Siddhi- Paranormal Power result from communication between human senses and nature. We learn Siddhi of the powers of nature through 5 internal sensory organs.

Meditation Technique

Any technique of meditation, whatever name we call it, has to be woven and developed towards blunting the reception of the external sensory system for sharpening the internal sensory system for communication and transmission with nature at a subtle spirit level. Nature is the root of every knowledge.

We do the blunting of external senses through self-control. The modalities of ‘do and do not’ for self-control are selective and transitory for a time being during training and not for lengthy durations. We reduce external reception abilities through meditation to build up internal reception and transmission abilities.

Paranormal Power

Meditation generates Siddhi- Paranormal Power- naturally. Without Siddhi progress in meditation is not achievable. If our meditation has not generated several Siddhi, it means we have not learned meditation.

‘Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ lists all the Siddhi. An occasional mystic experience is not Siddhi. Siddhi is the capability of unfailing regular repetition and demonstrated utilization at will. We can explain all Siddhi through underlying scientific principles. We accomplish Enlightenment with Samadhi only after all Siddhi are well established.

Meditation Study Tips

Even at the least level of command over five senses, one can concentrate and get instant solutions on any issues better than a standard person. It shows in terms of a top success rate, with fewest efforts, in everything. This is ‘spiritual awakening’, some call ‘kundalini awakening’. This is the first Siddhi of meditation and basic encouragement to proceed forward. All other Siddhi follow the spiritual awakening. At the highest level of self-control, we accomplish enlightenment with samadhi.

Prophet Brahmarishi Teach Meditation Online with secular culture neutral perceptive. He also provides Spiritual Guidance Online and accept Prayer Requests Online. Anyone interested is free to contact him at E Mail- 



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Bhakti Yoga of Meditation


Prophet Brahmarishi is from India, the Land of Yogis, the Enlightened Saints. Thousands got enlightenment in India in the past Two Thousand Years. Bhakti Yoga of Meditation has been the first choice of the Yogis of India. Bhakti Yoga of Meditation is the most successful and popular approach of learning Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga of Meditation is Secular

All the Enlightened Yogis of India have always declared Oneness of all Religions. Hinduism has never been an expansionist Religion, has remained within the borders of India. Enlightenment of Hinduism is the same as Salvation of Christianity and Nirvana of Buddhism. The words Enlightened Yogis and Saints are synonymous. Bhakti of Hinduism means Faith of Christianity and Surrender of Buddhism. It is a key scientific component of Bhakti Yoga of Meditation. Bhakti Yoga of Meditation is not orthodox.

Indian and Western Enlightenment

Except for the hereditary cause with four young Siblings of the 13th century ‘Dnyaneshwar brothers and sister’ born of an enlightened father, all the Yogis of India gained their enlightenment by a circuitous, hard way after several years of trial-and-error self-experiments. Scriptures serve as a reference to affirm an enlightenment and not as teaching guides for enlightenment. Prophet Brahmarishi gained his enlightenment in the year 2002, by a similar circuitous, hard way after several years of trial-and-error self-experiments. He explored in the next 18 years, several religious and philosophical scriptures of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Alternative Religions, Mythology of Hindu and Nordic Gods and Goddesses, Doctrines of René Descartes and several other Western Researchers, besides Animism of Indigenous People.

Most Enlightened Yogis and Saints from the world over got enlightenment late in their middle to old ages. Many enlightened lives ended by persecution by the then orthodox society. Their contribution for a better world is remarkable, despite most of them not living a longer-time, after the gain of wisdom at enlightenment.

Measurable Benefits of Bhakti Yoga of Meditation

Bhakti Yoga of Meditation returns measurable benefits at each stage of progress. Relief from stress, depression, fear. Progress of peace, happiness. Restoration of health. Self-motivation, personality development, and career growth through higher focusing abilities. Advancement to paranormal incidents and skill of paranormal powers called Siddhis in Hinduism and Miracles in Christianity. And finally, Wisdom at Enlightenment.

Aim of Prophet Brahmarishi

Empowerment of individuals to lead human societies, industries, businesses and nations through secular teachings of Bhakti Yoga of Meditation is the aim of Prophet Brahmarishi.

Teachings of Prophet Brahmarishi – Learn Bhakti Yoga of Meditation in a short time

Yoga of Meditation has its lineage in Hinduism. References to several spiritual concepts from Hinduism is inevitable. The teachings of Prophet Brahmarishi are self-explanatory and does not require external reference to Religious Scriptures. 

Bhakti Yoga of Meditation differs from exercises of Yoga Asanas, erroneously called Yoga.

The teachings of Prophet Brahmarishi are based on his thesis, titled ‘Short Cut Enlightenment Process with Secular Bhakti Yoga’.

Know more about the Online Learning opportunities. Contact Prophet Brahmarishi on Email-

Many learners find learning meditation puzzling as contradictory cult form versions are in circulation. Bhakti Yoga of Meditation is easier to learn in its Generic Form. It is possible to learn Bhakti Yoga of Meditation in a short time, when taught in a personal one-to-one privileged way.


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At Last, The Secret To nuclear power from yoga Is Revealed!

What is the true meaning of the image of 'Eye in Triangle' on the reverse of the Great seal of the United States Government? What is the contextual relation between the reverse side and front side of the Great Seal?

What is the true meaning of the image of ‘Eye in Triangle’ on the reverse of the Great seal of the United States Government? What is the contextual relation between the reverse side and front side of the Great Seal?

My beloved daughter Eela passed away today. Once a brilliant medical student, she suffered from schizophrenia since age 18 for 12 years. This post is dedicated to her.

My beloved daughter Eela passed away today. Once a brilliant medical student, she suffered from schizophrenia since age 18 for 12 years. This post is dedicated to her.

God is Natural Nuclear Reactor of ‘God Atom’ and has provided power to founders of religions, prophets, saints and polymaths. Up on access, as like ‘machine image’, in cloud computing; the God Machine compressed image is instantly installed in the human brain – who then becomes Yogi – one who has achieved Yoga – communion with the highest being – God. God Machine Image file can be accessed through Meditation / Prayer. The configuration of applications of power is at the choice of Yogi. We need to harness the Nuclear Power of God for collective benefit of humanity. “Prophet Brahmarishi”

  • We need to harness the Nuclear Power of God for collective benefit of humanity.
  • The role of the power of God is crucial both at society and personal level.
  • The power of God aims with accelerated innovations and discoveries at society level.
  • The power of God is harnessed at personal level.
  • The power of God is mostly unharnessed.
  • State means nations, kingdoms, sultanates.
  • Church means and include religious and secular church and propagation of the name of God – any God from any religion including religion neutral Yoga and selfless service in any form to humanity.
  • Vatican forming coalition of Religion and Science is a step forward towards kingdom of God.
  • Communion and Yoga are same.
  • Yoga or Communion is secular and religion neutral – scientific way, to get access to power of God through Prayer.
  • Albert Einstein’s unified field theory and results of Yoga are similar.
  • United States policies were influenced and enriched by polymaths such as Benjamin Franklin.
  • Power of God is available for harness after the access through Yoga or Communion.
  • God has provided power to founder of religions, prophets, saints and polymaths.
  • One does not have to practise abstinence and give up sensual and other pleasure gratifications to gain access to the power of God.
  • Abstinence – giving up of sensual and other pleasures do not give access to the power of God.
  • We can be one hundred per cent happy with help from the power of God – the same power empowers nuclear reactors.

What is the significance of the image of ‘Eye in Triangle’ on the reverse of the seal of the United State Government?

Readers are requested to give their views.

अथ योगानुशासनम्॥१॥

Yoga Anu Shashan = Governor of Atomic Fusion

परमाणुपरममहत्त्वान्तोऽस्य वशीकारः॥४०॥

Paramanu Param Mahatatva anto Vashikar

Up on Ultimate Knowledge of Atomic Particles Formulas Control is obtained

योग सूत्रानि पतञ्जलि

Yoga Sūtra Aani Paat Anjal

Fusion Technology For Liquid Drop Energy Reactor

Why do we need to harness the power of God for collective benefit of humanity? Should we continue to confine God to private domain and be content with paltry benefits that are personal, vague and at random? Or should we all join in a collective effort for God in public domain and draw far greater, and real-time advantage for the welfare of the of humanity with the nuclear power of God?

What is humanity? It is equality of all human beings communing together without borders of race, sex, religion and economic conditions.

What is welfare for humanity? At two levels. Society and personal. Society welfare lies in equally shared access to wealth earning opportunities, primary and higher education, healthcare and of course, the essentials – that distinguishes human from animal species – food, clothing, housing and healthcare. The power of God at society level, aims at empowering the state with accelerated discoveries and innovations. State agencies can be empowered by individual members with their contributions supercharged with God empowered faculties. At individual level, the power of God is harnessed at several levels from personal peace, healing to greatest happiness, as well as for development and practise of special abilities through unification with the powers of the highest being – the God.

The role of the power of God is crucial both at society and individual levels.

What is State? It the regulatory serving system of a society for the distribution of the components of society welfare and for the enforcement of ethical practices by the people. State means and include kingdoms, sultanates. Each individual member of the society is a part of the collective society and is bound to allow the collective society – state with contributions. Specially empowered – God gifted people – Scientists, politicians have a greater responsibility for the welfare of society.

The Polymath and the Church of God comes here!

One can become a polymath with help from power of God. United States policies were influenced and enriched by polymaths such as Benjamin Franklin. Albert Einsteins’s unified field theory and results of yoga – communion are similar. We can build kingdoms of God with help from the historical and ongoing works of polymaths.

Secular Churches shall play an important role in empowering States!

In the early history of human civilization and during more recent colonization, state and church partnered a closer role together, for furthering commerce and welfare of human societies. In the later periods, separation of state and church was also a right step to foster secularism. Church means and include religious and secular church and propagation of the name of God – any God from any religion including religion neutral yoga – communion and any organization for selfless service in any form to humanity. An effective interface between science and religion is lacking. Vatican forming coalition of Religion and Science is a step forward towards kingdom of God.

What is the most important goal of life common to all people ?

One hundred per cent happiness is the most important goad of life common to all people. One can become one hundred per cent happy with help from the power of God – the same power that empowers nuclear reactors.

And what is Yoga ? Can we harness nuclear power of God through yoga ?

Superficial physical and mental exercise popularly named yoga is not real yoga. True meaning of word ‘Yoga’ is communion with the highest being – God. Yoga or Communion is secular and religion neutral – hard-core scientific way to use nuclear power of God through prayer at meditation.

And what is the reality of God ? Many Gods as multiple symbols of faith – monotheism ? Only one God ? or No God – atheism ? Or a nomenclature to discuss the mystery behind the governance of nature ?

God is natural nuclear reactor of “God Atom” and has provided power to founders of religions, prophets, saints and polymaths. Up on access, as like ‘machine image’, in cloud computing; the God Machine compressed image is instantly installed in the human brain – who then becomes Yogi – one who has achieved Yoga – communion with the highest being – God. God Machine Image file can be accessed through Meditation / Prayer. The configuration of applications of power is at the choice of Yogi.

Read this controversial Question and find Answer

Do we have to compromise and give up gratification of sensual and other pleasures to gain access to the nuclear power of God ?

No. Such teachings are based on erroneously interpreted versions of most religious texts. Variety of abstinence measures – self enforced restraints – are temporary prescription tools which are individual personality specific and ease preliminary body – mind balancing. They may give an individual status of a model human of virtues in a society of mixed virtues; but do not give access to the power of God. And that is why, almost for most, the power of God remains un accessed and unharnessed.

Great Seal of the United States Government

What is the true meaning of the image of ‘Eye in Triangle’ on the reverse of the seal? What is the contextual relation between the reverse side and front side of the great seal of the United States?
Readers are requested to give comments.





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Men and Women of God are condemned in their own time lines and revered by the posterity.

The True Masters are – distinct from self proclaimed God Men – men of words and wordiness, Smart at incorporation of themselves, Permitting self glorification through expansive and expensive mass campaigns, volunteer recruitment, charity fund raising management, clever copyrights under the law of the land – for tits and bits of fathomless cosmic laws that are unfounded by the True Masters.

Union with God can never be en mass, with a magic wand, guided by God Men, in Batch Production. But only through one to one, master to researcher, process of learning – An adventurous game of patience and determination.

A True Rebel alone can free himself from the clutches of versions of truth distorted through ages by self seeking manipulators. And with determined research in the laboratory of own mind, can unearth the missing links obstructing quicker access to truth.




GOD & I What is God? Can we see God? See God in true form. God is no longer a puzzle now.

GOD & I What is God? Can we see God? See God in true form. God is no longer a puzzle now.

I have nothing to talk about, except God. I am faithful. Without faith, we can not know God. But faith is little tricky. Sometimes, it can make one blind. Grace of God alone can give sight to blind. Sight of God removes all differences. Then only oneness remains.

I pray God, Let all get, what I got from you.

Prophet Brahmarishi is my professional name, I profess God.

I kept experimenting with God. First as a non believer, a challenger refusing to bow before an unknown phenomenon. Then as a friend, obliged with the gifts that God kept sending. Thereafter as an habitual greedy beggar. God kept obliging. With obligations, faith started inching up.

Alongside the freebies, real progress started with subtle guidance through spirits – eternal spirits of prophets  … jolted the atheist.

The thrill and thrive turned into a thirst – call it research! The quest took the atheist on a pilgrimage for 20 years in prime youth – holy places, teachers, books, practices, techniques and what not. Collected tits and bits of knowledge avariciously, from every source. Checked and rechecked own experiences with the recorded data. But the research remained inconclusive.

Finally, the grace of the spirit of a unanimous master, enabled links with the spirits of the founders of the great religions of the world. The great ones baby walked me – rather uplifted instantly and sent back anew.

That was 10 years before.

The skeptic in me, set upon a second pilgrimage with the light of new knowledge. Re experimented with the light of new knowledge, the religious texts, metaphors, biographies of prophets, the recorded techniques of prayers and …  It was far easier now!

I pray God – let all get – what I got from you. In a shorter time, with lesser efforts.




Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin (Photo credit: elycefeliz)






Tower of Babel is symbolic of babble of Prophets. Speaking about the essentially practical experience of communion with God, needs far more herculean efforts, than gaining communion. Several Prophets have undergone the agony of a dumb lamb, baying amidst crowd of babbling humanity.

The writer proclaims to have had first person experience of Communion with God. The Grace of the Spirit of a Prophet, enabled the writer the communion as well as links with the spirits of several ancient Prophets, of many Great Religions of the world. Communion is the Alchemy of a True Prophet. The Language of God, is Symbolic Images of Light. Grace of God alone can Give Sight To Blind. The Light of God travels Faster than the Speed of Light. The Light of God, unlike sunlight, has no limitations of Day or Night, no obstructions of Solid or Liquid and no frontiers of Timelines of Past, Present or Future.  Sight of God Removes all Differences. Then, only oneness remains.

The Tower of Babel is said to have risen, from City of Sin and not high morals, to touch the heavens. Moral Codes, historically, were relevant in Primitive Times, for building up of Welfare Societies, for peaceful co-existence of masses. With the development of Modern Democracies and Systems for Law and Order, Moral Codes do not continue to have same positive relevance, to Present Times. Negative relevance, is clear in threats to secularism from ignorant moralist turned fundamentalists who support terrorism.

Teachings of the ancient Prophets, can be classified in to Two Parts. While moral Codes are variable – with Geography, Culture and Time Line relevant exigencies, Light Codes are constant – Culture Neutral and Time Proof. Light Codes are most relevant for all times, Past, Present and Future.

Leaders of nations, research institutions and industries can draw power with Light Codes for development of ‘Kingdoms of God’. True welfare states are technology driven, with secular Churches that function as centre for development of light code based systems of education and research.

Any one from any inherited or chosen religion, and even a non-believer rationalist atheist, can gain quick communion with his/her personal God or symbol of faith through the very same religion or belief.

Communion is gained when resolutions of human mind are compressed, with a certain technique. Communion enables higher knowledge, in any and every chosen fields of interest. A higher level of control over matters and events is possible, through Communion with God.

Besides prophets, more recent noted polymaths – such as Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin followed Deism of rational God and contributed to Renaissance humanism.

(Excerpts from writer’s upcoming book at Westbow Press –  A Division of Thomas Nelson.)



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11th century Hebrew Bible with targum, perhaps...

11th century Hebrew Bible with targum, perhaps from Tunisia, found in Iraq: part of the Schøyen Collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  Discover God ATOM through Bible Codes


Discovery of God is easier when we know what is God, so that we are sure when we see God and do not mistake something else for God.

God is discovered by a handful, as the ancient documentation on the process is difficult to understand.

There is a fundamental difference between all other discoveries and discovery of God. Power of God is accessible by the discoverer alone. Real benefit of God for humanity gets bounded to post discovery life span of the discoverer.

God has,  remained at best a phenomenon of super power, with minor fringe benefits for unguided explorers and peripheral benefits for the humanity.

Ancient documentation on  the process of discovery of God, shall be  understood only by a person who has discovered and experienced God, firsthand.

Anyone with access to  modern documentation of the process, of discovery of God, can discover God easily.

There are important differences between all other discoveries and discovery of the God.

All other discoveries have directly benefited humanity with their powers.

Their processes are well documented and updated with ongoing developments.

They do not need rediscovery.

 The power of God is accessible by the discoverer alone. Real benefit  for humanity is, therefore, bounded to post discovery life span of the discoverer.

 God has, remained at best a phenomenon of super power, with minor fringe benefits for the unguided explorers and peripheral gains for the humanity.

 Modern documentation of the process of discovery of God in Today’s English is lacking. Several explorations aided with modern documentation of  the process, are required  for rediscovery of God, and  for harnessing  the super power of God, for effective benefit.  

In Kingdom of God, the church would play the pivotal role between State and Economy.

The ancient process of discovery of God is an open resource, in public domain and well recorded in Bible. Bible considered as ‘Word of God’ and ‘Book of Books’, is  most widely read. It has tremendous influence on the human race. Thousands of places and cities and millions of people the world over, have been  named after biblical characters. Millions of people turn to Bible for guidance on life’s problems. Perception that Bible does not define God or try to prove his existence or that the events in Bible did not actually take place and are mere expressions of faith, (Source World Book) is not true.
Bible holds the codes and the keys to discovery of God.
Bible and the teachings of the Lord are proper ancient documents for discovery of God.
Today’s Bible has evolved, from verbal messages of prophets who saw the God and papyrus scrolls to versions reconciled with variation of wordings for lost words. Through translations from Hebrew, Syriac, Coptic, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Gutenberg Bible  to Today’s English. Word to word translation of Bible in Today’s english, does not serve as modern documentation on the process of discovery of God.

Exploration for God is an adventure, an enterprise with prompt reward of gifts at each milestone of progress, along the way.

Anyone with determination, and access to modern documentation of the process can discover God.

  I love God and all God lovers are mine.

I was a rebel, at war with invisible God. The God was very generous, showed me the codes and keys in Bible and showered me with many gifts and the top reward. Top reward of the discovery of God is oneness. Oneness with God, oneness with knowledge, oneness with humanity.

In the first document of “The Book of Discovery  of God “, we begin with ‘What is God‘ with 5 keys to unlock 14 Bible Codes.

More codes and keys would follow in the later documents.

‘Why God’ and ‘How To God’ would follow in the later documents..

Oneness of all religions and faiths, would follow afterwards.

Oneness of Religion and Science would follow in the last document.

The Wheel, Electricity,   Microwave, Nuclear Power,  the Internet– some are visible, some invisible. Humanity has come a long way since the wheel, except in one discoveryDiscovery of God.

What is God?

What is the shape, size, gender, colour, feel, appearance and structure of God?

Can we make a precise drawing and simulated visual of God? 

 Can we have God narrated in Today’s english and proved with evidencing equations from Today’s science?

Discovery of God is easier when we know what is God, so that we are sure when we see God and do not mistake something else for God. God has been discovered by a handful, as the ancient documentation on the process is difficult to understand.

Bible holds the codes and the keys to discovery of God.

Bible Codes

  1.      Moses saw that the bush was on fire but that it was not burning up.
  2.      The Lord passed by and sent a furious wind that split the hills and  shattered the rocks. But the Lord was not in the wind.
  3.      The wind stopped blowing and then there was an earth quake, but the Lord was not in the earth quake.
  4.      After the earth quake there was a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire.
  5.      And after the fire there was the soft whisper of voice.
  6.      It sounded like the roar of the sea, like the noise of huge army, like the voice of almighty God
  7.     The time came for the Lord to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind.
  8.     Moses went up Mount Sinai and a cloud covered it.
  9.     Lightening was flashing from a huge cloud and the sky around it was glowing.
  10.    The sky opened and Ezekiel saw a vision of God.
  11.    Above the heads of the creatures there was something looked like a dome made of dazzling crystal.
  12.    Above the dome there was something that looked like a throne made of sapphire and sitting on the throne was a figure that looked like a man.
  13.    The figure seemed like shining like bronze in the middle of a fire.
  14.    This was the dazzling light that glows the presence of Lord.

 Old TestamentBook of Ezekiel,  First Book of Kings 

Good News BibleToday’s English Version,  American Bible Society

Bible Keys

  1.    Moses
  2.    The mountain of God
  3.    Burning bush
  4.    The Book of Exodus
  5.    Ark of the covenant
To precisely find out ‘what is God’ from the Bible codes, familiarity with religious symbolism and basic concepts of science is necessary.  Separation of Peripheral images of faith is required to  get at the clear essence of  Bible codes. Essence of Bible codes is fair  with science. 

Images of faith may be learnt at  Religious Symbolism and  concepts of science may be found at Theoretical physics and Nuclear Fission.


Geocentrism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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God : What Why How To

The Ladder of Divine Ascent or The Ladder of P...

Image via Wikipedia

God : What Why How To 

The text – audio – video multilingual publication shall be based on first person experience and experimental Research of 30 years.

Corroborated and bench marked with extracts from Religious text  representing a broad spectrum of diverse geography, culture and time lines.

The video shall reproduce, without religious bias,  fusion of Human Intelligence with Universal Intelligence in TRUE FORM.

              The Ladder of Paradise

Shrunken Cosmos

…  the Sound of holy words was causing  tremors in the entire body . . a continuous knocking commenced on forehead . . a slit window – was now stretching open at forehead . .

               …  holy sound by itself changed its tone . . a different note of strange tremors was now setting in . . shrinking and further shrinking . . severely shrinking with the tremors . . entered  . . rather penetrated the throbbing, live, glowing vestibule (more) …

“Core particle of human intelligence” is released at advanced level of consciousness. The release is triggered at the sight of cosmos replicated in shrunken image form in the human brain.

The released core particle of human intelligence slide climbs at an angular momentum. The momentum accompanied by cosmic sound. After surviving the black hole,  the particle collides at the nucleus of the cosmos. Soaked in the liquid drop energy of the fusion,  returns reborn a prophet. (more)

“Concepts of sound, light, time, momentum and space present different dimensions in the context of shrunken cosmos.”

 God : What Why How To draws adequate interpolating tangents  to stimulate aggressive research connecting frontier areas of Quantum mechanics and  Philosophy of Mind.

Human rationality varies in level of consciousness. The consciousness gained at fusion with universal light is absolute rational intelligence.  

Religion and spirituality

Philosophy of mind

Dogmatic perception that gaining of union with God is at the will of the God, has been a deterrent to a determined pursuit. The references in religious texts about experience of union have been of little interest for mass public.

The religious texts have mostly been, therefore, for guiding the general masses to better levels of peace and happiness.

Marginalization of underlying principles for union, by morals for personal and social order, of the time being relevance have been unavoidable. Variability of religions in the context of varying geography, culture and time lines, have thus been, inevitable.

Articulation of an essentially practical experience of union, necessitated indirect metaphoric expressions, making the task of explanation even more difficult for modern interpreters lacking first person experience.

Religious ‘do and do not’ such as, celibacy, nonviolence, austerity are prescription selective tools for achieving a more stable and less distracting body-mind balancing.

Many of the religious ‘do and do not’ prescriptions were misunderstood as ‘path’ for gaining union with God.

Generalized, over zealous, and sometimes extreme application of the ‘individual specific and provisional prescriptions’ have succeeded in turning several practitioners into role models for the society, but not in achieving union with God.

Religious texts  are one of the most exhaustive resource available to Researchers. Union with God has so far, been gained “at random” and not achieved by a preplanned research due to general absence of scientific principles.

The essence of different texts  about union with God is similar. Superficial interpretation presents God as subjective and personal experience.

First person experience of union, instantly renders all the religious texts and metaphors  crystal clear as in sunlight.

God Science

In his ‘God : What Why How To’ Prophet Brahmarishi shall be contributing:

  1. Time Proof and Culture Neutral definable form of Modern God.
  2. An Applied ‘God Science’ for step – by – step unification with God.
  3. A theoretical Unification between Quantum Physics of Science and Metaphysics of Religion.

Historically, achievements of union, in their contemporary times, have remained exceptional, unpopular, unsupported, UN researched and quite often condemned.

 Pioneer facilitator and custodians of knowledge of present times, should prevent repetition of history, for future of humanity. They should commit in full force to bring every serious effort for religion and science unity, at the forefront of mainstream organized research.


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Way To God

"Praying Hands" (study for an Apostl...
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Way To God

Let us all not be ashamed of begging the God !



We all need God to Fulfill our needs, with greater ease.

Those needs that are difficult to fulfill ever after moving the mountains.

 Let us all not be ashamed of begging the God, again and again.

Because, balancing of needs is the single entry point and the only barrier to cross over into the “God’s Kingdom”.

‘Prayer’ is the only way for balancing of needs.

 It is only after our needs gets fulfilled, for the time being, we can say enough.

Those of us, who choose to continue following God – now, selflessly and out of  a wish to return something to God, are able to experience the ‘Real Miracle’, when God thyself asks what is your wish?

 When we say enough, and offer yourself to God, now out of genuine gratitude, the God gifts Thyself. 

 The  sheath over the ‘Third Eye” gets torn and the God reveals and gifts thyself. 

The Prophets of the world have narrated comparable experiences , calling it ‘Sighting of Light’ .

This greatest Gift of God Thyself,  ‘Knowledge and Bliss’ instantly converts a ‘Beggar into a Giver’ – giver of true knowledge.

Thereafter, all the earlier Gifts of God – the ‘small and sundry miracles and powers’ of pride, become irrelevant, in the Light of Knowledge.

God is simple, we make God complex with our discussions and debates.

Why not ‘Experience God First Hand ? Let us ‘Go for God’  And ‘Help Reinstate the Glory of our Great Religions’


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