Prayer for Knowledge-2

26 Jan

Prayers in the wind

Prayers in the wind (Photo credit: marco83)

Prayer for Knowledge-2 

Most of us visit holy places of faith – near and far – and  PRAY for grant of a wish. A number of  Prayers are fulfilled –  firming up our faith.

Several Prayers generate grants that are ‘different’ from petitioned.

For many of us, ‘Prayers for others’ – are often granted, while ‘Petitions for self-interest’ – seldom fulfilled.

Consistent Success At Prayers Is Rare.

The Waiting Period between ‘Prayer and Fulfillment’ varies considerably for persons and prayers.

Several of us  articulate the Prayer in the words and intonations of an ancient language, sometimes coupled with equally ancient rituals.

Many choose to PRAY with own set of words and in a language one is comfortable with.

A number of persons take part in a Group Prayer for a common fulfillment.

Some times, Prayers are offered though Mediator.

A few offer a reciprocal vow in their prayers.

A number of persons offer Prayers  on a specific holy day after several days of abstinence.

Sometimes, A Prayer Is Granted Instantly!..

under exigencies – when we need the relief utmost – even when Prayed at any place – addressed at any  symbol of faith – even new ones – in any language – without an opportunity for a ritual! 


Can we evolve a Precision Technique to follow,  so that all of our Prayers are successful every time?

Are Symbols of Faith essential for Success in Prayer.

Does Depth  of Faith affects  the outcome of  a Prayer?

What acts as a Symbol of Faith for a non believer.

Are there any Etiquettes for demanding and Extent to the measure of  grants.

Do ‘More Virtuous  persons have better chances of success at Prayers than ‘Less Virtuous’.

What do we think can happen, If We Return the God’s Call –

‘Ask Your Wish’ – And Reply With Tears Of Fulfillment In Eyes, ‘I have Every Thing,  I Wish Nothing!’  – ‘But What About You – So Kind Always –  Given Me So Much So Often, Tell Me What Can I do For You!’

Can We Draw a Tangent Between Surrender and Gravitation And Soul and Atom.

Prayer For Knowledge pray you all to SEND your personal experiences and take part in the POLL at WordPress.Com

Deaf to Our Prayers

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7 responses to “Prayer for Knowledge-2

  1. Goodness greef

    May 2, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Dear sir, my name is Grant and I would like to thank you for becoming my first follower. My web page, is designed to put the way towards a more co-operative kind of charity. My vision is to enlist the help of people of all faiths within my state behind a single cause, which is symbolic of the whole world. It’s hard to explain but I trust you have seen its properties. In any case, its a very unusual blog in that it will kind of sit there like an island on the web until people decide to pop by and visit. As the level of virtual tourism grows, so will a more ethical kind of tourism emerge in the real world. I am recently reading the Yoga of Christ, an interpretation of the Gospel of John from a hindu perspective. Although I am more dogmatic, because I wish to show loyalty to the religion of my forefathers, and devotion to my hero, Christ, I have always loved other faiths. Good luck in endeavours, kind sir. I remember Ghandi fondly, but like to think I am not meant to be another Ghandi just the first Grant, something a heck of a lot smaller and less pure but the best I that I can be. If you want to watch something else grow please follow or


  2. Kavita Joshi

    April 14, 2013 at 7:55 am

    thanks a lot for sharing dear…love your blog here


  3. lovemyarts

    March 25, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    Wow, your blog is so interesting, and so different from others, it would be my pleasure in following you! 🙂


  4. lavernjdewilde

    March 15, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Thank you for following my blog. I truly appreciate your work and degree of internal experiences to comprehend, compare, contrast and define translation from Sanskrit to English. “Ask what you may, believe that you receive and it will be done unto you”. My own early experience was to Pray to, to ask, “Why? is my father this way, why is my mother this way, why are others the way they are?” It was not until I was 40, I returned to University to study what my heart desired, which was histories of cultures and their spiritual expressions. I love to compare and contrast to find commonalities wherein we can have authentic exchange without judgment. I came across a course in sociology, “Symbolic Interaction”, which was only the seed to the next step of symbolism. While I was browsing the books in the “current books” rack, I came across astrology books, I went to the university bookstore and found astrology books. Prior to returning to university my career was in accounting. Even a rishi must have wise accounting practices of one’s resources, the wisdom of the gratitude for frugal simplicity in daily life , as the essence of authentic happiness. And Thus, with great gratitude for my prayer being answered through the study of astrology (God within the seasons, elements, and qualities that permeate everything in their season: “There is a season for everything under the sun.” Eccessiastes) and its companion numerology (the elements and qualities of spiritual experiences of the decans in Western astrology, for the first real experiential lessons which answered my “Whys?”. Moving on to the comparison contrast of the Vedic arts and Sciences, picking up the Tri-doshas that correlate with the seasons and time of day. I found within that the personal and individual timing of the opening up the gates of perception from simple consciousness to universal cosmic consciousness which you call the powers of the mind called Siddhi. I am a 9: Code: 9, Divine: 9, Physics: 9, Organized: 9, Simplicity: 9, Accomplished: 9 .. But, even though a 9, I as each individual has an annual new year through which they progress from 1 through 9, experiencing the Divine, prayers answered in the timing: 9 of the Divine: 9. Spiritual = 8 + Divine = 9 = 17/8 = God = Study = Smart. “The Symbol = 29/11 = See =29/11/2 = Light =29/11 = The Habits = 29/11 = The Life = 29/11 = alphabet = 29/11 = numbers = 29/11 (my maiden name is 29/11). “The word became God”.
    The spiritual journey is the connection of the inner eye (third eye) with the Divine ubiquitous powers symbols within our daily lives and of the universe through the seasons constellations, the seasons of our lives, their experiential mythos and wisdom. Certainly Sanskrit and the rishi are the vessels of the Divine, which will assist other cultures’ words and symbols to be de-coded.
    I will enjoy following your blogs!!!!! Thank you!!!!!


  5. Harold Knight

    March 15, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    Thank you for following my blog. I trust you can see in it that I, too, even though my language and my “stories” may not show it directly, am seeking God in my own stumbling way.



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