Bhakti Yoga of Meditation

05 Jul


Prophet Brahmarishi is from India, the Land of Yogis, the Enlightened Saints. Thousands got enlightenment in India in the past Two Thousand Years. Bhakti Yoga of Meditation has been the first choice of the Yogis of India. Bhakti Yoga of Meditation is the most successful and popular approach of learning Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga of Meditation is Secular

All the Enlightened Yogis of India have always declared Oneness of all Religions. Hinduism has never been an expansionist Religion, has remained within the borders of India. Enlightenment of Hinduism is the same as Salvation of Christianity and Nirvana of Buddhism. The words Enlightened Yogis and Saints are synonymous. Bhakti of Hinduism means Faith of Christianity and Surrender of Buddhism. It is a key scientific component of Bhakti Yoga of Meditation. Bhakti Yoga of Meditation is not orthodox.

Indian and Western Enlightenment

Except for the hereditary cause with four young Siblings of the 13th century ‘Dnyaneshwar brothers and sister’ born of an enlightened father, all the Yogis of India gained their enlightenment by a circuitous, hard way after several years of trial-and-error self-experiments. Scriptures serve as a reference to affirm an enlightenment and not as teaching guides for enlightenment. Prophet Brahmarishi gained his enlightenment in the year 2002, by a similar circuitous, hard way after several years of trial-and-error self-experiments. He explored in the next 18 years, several religious and philosophical scriptures of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Alternative Religions, Mythology of Hindu and Nordic Gods and Goddesses, Doctrines of René Descartes and several other Western Researchers, besides Animism of Indigenous People.

Most Enlightened Yogis and Saints from the world over got enlightenment late in their middle to old ages. Many enlightened lives ended by persecution by the then orthodox society. Their contribution for a better world is remarkable, despite most of them not living a longer-time, after the gain of wisdom at enlightenment.

Measurable Benefits of Bhakti Yoga of Meditation

Bhakti Yoga of Meditation returns measurable benefits at each stage of progress. Relief from stress, depression, fear. Progress of peace, happiness. Restoration of health. Self-motivation, personality development, and career growth through higher focusing abilities. Advancement to paranormal incidents and skill of paranormal powers called Siddhis in Hinduism and Miracles in Christianity. And finally, Wisdom at Enlightenment.

Aim of Prophet Brahmarishi

Empowerment of individuals to lead human societies, industries, businesses and nations through secular teachings of Bhakti Yoga of Meditation is the aim of Prophet Brahmarishi.

Teachings of Prophet Brahmarishi – Learn Bhakti Yoga of Meditation in a short time

Yoga of Meditation has its lineage in Hinduism. References to several spiritual concepts from Hinduism is inevitable. The teachings of Prophet Brahmarishi are self-explanatory and does not require external reference to Religious Scriptures. 

Bhakti Yoga of Meditation differs from exercises of Yoga Asanas, erroneously called Yoga.

The teachings of Prophet Brahmarishi are based on his thesis, titled ‘Short Cut Enlightenment Process with Secular Bhakti Yoga’.

Know more about the Online Learning opportunities. Contact Prophet Brahmarishi on Email-

Many learners find learning meditation puzzling as contradictory cult form versions are in circulation. Bhakti Yoga of Meditation is easier to learn in its Generic Form. It is possible to learn Bhakti Yoga of Meditation in a short time, when taught in a personal one-to-one privileged way.


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