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I have nothing to talk about, except God. I am faithful. Without faith, we cannot know God. But faith is a little tricky. Sometimes, it can make one blind. Grace of God alone can give sight to blind. Sight of God removes all differences. Then only oneness remains. I pray God, let all get what I got from you. Prophet Brahmarishi is my professional name, I profess God.

I kept experimenting with God. First as a non-believer, a challenger refusing to bow before an unknown phenomenon. Then, as a friend, obliged with the gifts that God kept sending. Thereafter as a habitual greedy beggar. God kept obliging. With obligations, faith started inching up. Alongside the freebies, actual progress started with subtle guidance through spirits.  Eternal spirits of prophets jolted the atheist in me.

The thrill and thrive turned into a thirst. Call it research! The quest took the atheist on a pilgrimage for 20 years in prime youth holy places, teachers, books, practices, techniques and what not. Collected tits and bits of knowledge avariciously from every source. Checked and rechecked own experiences with the recorded data. But the research remained inconclusive.

Finally, the grace of the spirit of a master enabled links with the spirits of the founders of the great religions and Saints of the world. The great ones baby walked me rather uplifted instantly and sent back anew. That was 18 years before.

The skeptic still in me, set upon a second pilgrimage with the light of recent knowledge. Re experimented with the light of recent knowledge, the religious texts, metaphors, biographies of prophets, the recorded techniques of prayers and it was far easier now!

I pray God let all get what I got from you. In a shorter time, with lesser efforts. I am an Indian. Lover of God. And just another blogger at WordPress.

I teach meditation with pre-defined targets as chosen by the learners, with secular culture neutral perceptive. I also provide spiritual guidance and accept prayer requests. Anyone interested is free to contact me at E


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